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Renewing domains

In exactly two months it’ll be one year since the new xine tracker was put up and made operative. This means that the domain, which I registered as a test, is going to expire and I’ll have to renew it first.

Because I have some availability right now and it should make quite sense to do it this way, I decided to make it a five years renewal; it’s a long time but xine should well outlast it, and I think it’s easier to do it once rather than doing it every year with the risk I might be in the hospital and let the renewal time lapse.

Just so that everything is transparent, the renewal will cost around $75, which is about €50, which will come from the Yamato fund, so thank you to everybody who contributed.

Hopefully in the next future might host more than just the bugtracker, in line with Mike’s FATE testing for FFmpeg, once I’ll have written unit tests for xine and maybe even more complex tests, like making sure the metadata of a file are properly read, and so on to make sure video and audio play in a decent way (it’s going to be difficult as here we might not have exact conversions like FATE does).

I haven’t lost my faith in xine, I think we can do great, we just need to find enough people to help with it though, because alone is not going to work very well.

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