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Finishing games tasks

Yesterday I finally reached the last level of Marvel Ultimate Alliance — the game is tremendously good, although I have to say that the final boss is quite easy to beat, just like a friend of mine foretold me (hi Dennis, you were right).

Right now, I could be going back and forth between levels so I can actually finish it 100% by finding all the missing bonus points and missions, so I can actually get all the costumes and so forth. I actually usually do that. But this time I’m not sure I will, I’ll probably leave it at that until I can play with some friend.

What made me reflect is what another friend of mine told me yesterday; he has been playing Monster Hunter for quite a while, and now he reached the end, basically. All the main missions done, just a handful of the longest ones to face, not worth his time.

And the same is happening to me with Pokémon Diamond, now that I got almost all the Pokémon available on my edition, bred all the ones I had to bred, evolved almost all the ones I have. I could be continuing (and I probably will, like in a car or something) by training all my main Pokémons to the 100th level, but even that is not much of an achievement. Doesn’t help that I lack people to play with.

I also have Devil May Cry 4 half-finished (half-way through the second time ‘round to finish it). But even that is now down to the task of getting more points to get more abilities and max the stats out.

Sure all the extra features, bonus, abilities, points, extension and so on are quite good and can extend the life of a game beyond its basic, but… I wonder how many people can reasonably say nowadays that they had finished a game, 100%.

Oh well, now I just have to decide what else to play 😉

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  1. Burnout Paradise! ;DOther than that, I’ve been playing Persona 3: FES the last couple months. It’s a Japanese RPG that got a lot of good reviews.And Soul Calibur 4 is fun but quickly starts to wear a little thin if you’re like me and don’t really like playing online.(yes i know this post is two weeks old. i’m catching up.)

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