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Quick post: had surgery

I’m not going to write much right now as I still haven’t eaten anything in about a week, and it’s actually pretty cold in my office, not as cold as it was in the surgical unit, but still cold, and I’d rather not take flu right now.

I had surgery, last week; it was more complex than I expected but easy enough for the surgeons, it was done with urgency, but it wasn’t life threatening, yet. I’ll probably write a lot about the last three weeks in the next days but for now I have to recover, eat something, watch TV, play, make sure my cut heals fast and steady.

I’m now back home, I still have staples on my tummy, but it’ll be fine in a week or two, although it won’t heal fully in less than six months.

Oh, and I have been diagnosed type 2 diabetes, but in a light form which should be reversible, and is not related at all with my pancreatitis but rather with my having been overweight before.

Update 2023-08-11: I should probably by now correct that diagnosis. As it turns out, at least in the UK, the diabetes I have, which is caused by damage to the pancreas, is officially called type 3c.

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  1. Hi Diego.It’s good to have you back. Honestly I was already worried because it’s been over a week since your last post. But it’s a relief that you are doing fine and that you are going to be fine.By the way. If you are looking for one of the coolest games I have seen in ages, take a look at Psychonauts. Don’t judge it by the demo. Don’t get me wrong, the demo is fine but the game itself is just a lot bigger, more crazy and complex- and a lot more funny than that demo can showcase. (not exaggerating) Even though it got high ratings from virtually every major magazine, it was a flop commercially. I guess too many people just got it off the net which is more than unfortunate because I’d have really liked to see a sequel to this one.Ok. So I wish you a speedy recovery. Take your time. And enjoy gaming and relaxing as much as possible under the circumstances.So long,matthias.

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