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So, I need surgery…

So today they broke me the news, not like it wasn’t in the air already. I need surgery, to remove my gallbladder, and to remove the pseudocyst that is still there. If I don’t remove it soon enough, it might turn into chronic pancreatitis, and I’d rather that not to happen.

I admit I felt, for a while, slightly crushed by the bad news, but I got to feel better, to the point I was able to eat just fine. I suppose it helped that I was laughing at the fact I felt in the middle of a Scrubs episode, with all the new doctors around and the chief of the unit asking questions.

At any rate, I’ll be in the hospital for a little while more, then when I’ll be back home it’ll probably be for just a few days, before being called in for surgery. I’ll try to do my best to do something good in the mean time but I might be scarcely available for a while.

I just hope not to be a guinea pig for a long time still….

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