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Tagging on delicious

While I’m writing this, Yamato is up and running a world rebuild to updat to the new CFLAGS. It also spares me from having to run a further rebuild to get stuff updated. I’ll write more tomorrow about Yamato, the problems getting it to run, my idiocy on a little detail, and the changes in software I made for this incarnation of my workstation.

As I now have access to my main data repository again, I’ve also started a boring and long task that I should have done a long time ago. I started looking through all the bookmarks I had in Konqueror (and there are lots), and tag them on delicious (has it been renamed Yahoo! Bookmarks yet or is it soon to come? The fact that Firefox extension reverts so often to “ybookmarks” makes me wonder).

My reason to use delicious is that I have a huge amount of bookmarks saved, and I have to organise them somehow; tags are better suited than folders for this, as it makes it possible for me to remember that Dave’s Trailer Page is, yes, a page related to Movies, but it also involves my multimedia work as it contains important samples.

Thanks to the extension, also, I can easily access all the bookmarks, from Yamato (Linux) or Intrepid (Mac OS X/Windows), which makes it quite important when one of the boxes is inaccessible, or if I have to find something and I’m not at home, but rather at a friend of mine’s (as long as I decided to share the bookmark).

So if you’re monitoring my delicious page or my friendfeed, you’ll most likely see a new wave of pages being tagged down, it’s not something I think I’ll be doing for a long time, hopefully.

On the other hand if you have been following me a few weeks ago you might have seen I tagged down a huge amount of medical-related pages on Wikipedia; I was transferring to delicious the list of pages I bookmarked last year while I was at the hospital, integrating it with the new stuff they gave me this year.

I suppose that if you’re monitoring me, you might now know more about me than you’d ever have wanted to.

Update (2017-04-22): Delicious was a social bookmarking site back in the early noughties. It was effectively shut down over a long period of time.

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  1. I’m watching you so be careful, I know more about you than you do yourself 😉

  2. BTW: the link on the lower right of your web site (in the beige bar) to delicious is borked.

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