Non-English political spam

One of the things I hate most of spam is that I receive a huge amount of spam in languages I would never be able to understand. Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German.

One interesting thing I noticed is that once again there has been a wave of German spam that seem to be political in nature. The first time I noticed this was more than three years ago.

At the time, the Sober.P virus was spamming basically everybody with some racist payload written in German.

Now, although I admit I didn’t even try to look up what the mail are, the subject seems to refer to what is happening in Georgia and similar. I have to manually filter some mail, as the GMail antispam filter didn’t work that well with them untrained.

I sincerely start to wonder what is up with Germans, spam and politics. At least they could have used English so that their message, if a message exist, could be understood (and most likely ignored or frown upon) by more people — and made it easier anti-spam filters designed to work with English-written spam.