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Non-English political spam

One of the things I hate most of spam is that I receive a huge amount of spam in languages I would never be able to understand. Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German.

One interesting thing I noticed is that once again there has been a wave of German spam that seem to be political in nature. The first time I noticed this was more than three years ago.

At the time, the Sober.P virus was spamming basically everybody with some racist payload written in German.

Now, although I admit I didn’t even try to look up what the mail are, the subject seems to refer to what is happening in Georgia and similar. I have to manually filter some mail, as the GMail antispam filter didn’t work that well with them untrained.

I sincerely start to wonder what is up with Germans, spam and politics. At least they could have used English so that their message, if a message exist, could be understood (and most likely ignored or frown upon) by more people — and made it easier anti-spam filters designed to work with English-written spam.

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  1. Please don’t draw the conclusion that German-language spam is sent by Germans. Most of the German-language spam I get is hideously translated (sometimes worse that babelfish).I presume the relative prominence of German-language spam is due to Germany being one of the largest markets (demographics) for online advertising (aka spam) in Europe.The political spam you mention is very crude German, too. I suspect someone wants to create a public opinion in Germany that results in political pressure on the russian administration. I’m quite confident that the spam *didn’t* originate in Germany.

  2. Yeah I wasn’t expecting Germans to write that, the phrase “with Germans, spam and politics” was meant as finding the connection between the three rather than forcing one…I’m surprised that Italians don’t get scammed more easily by spam, sincerely. Although, I admit it might just be that Gentoo and Germany seems to get along quite well, and my address is a one, mostly.

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