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Just a note…

I’m afraid Davide will have to learn a lesson about sarcasm tags

As for what concern me.. I’d like to remember that I made known my comments policy three months ago, and that comments are an additional feature, not a right, on a private blog.

But I suppose someone is only badmouthing me because he can’t stop thinking about me؟; I suppose I should be charmed by this, but sorry, I’m already taken.

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  1. And this belongs in /universe, not the Gentoo planet itself.Hey, you just could have commented on his post, offcourse.You’re all making Gentoo look as Twitter for teenagers. Don’t you have something better to do? Ignore eachother, or will it become a game to have the last word in the discussion again?And please, do NOT put stuff like this in the next GMN.

  2. Well, your answer to dav_it was simply loutish and useless.Of course, it’s predictable that you remove this comment. Enjoy !

  3. Punctuation is truly a wonderful thing. Had we been French we could easily have had our way with an interrobang, but unfortunately English speakers, devoid of this resource, perforce, must recur to ever useful and wide-ranging, albeit verbose, faux xml. How else can we know when to take things cum grano salis?Greetings to Davide and Diego 😉

  4. Hey, I used the correct sarcasm punctuation 😉 But I guess it might not appear on all font faces, I’m glad I’m writing on OSX for once or I would never have found it without copying it…

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