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xine license violated

I have to thank Daniel Silverstone for reporting the post of Rob Kendrick about the “MiniBook” sub-notebook, sold in the UK (for what I gathered) by KMS Components .

On the “firmware” of that notebook you’l find, among others, xine-lib-1.1.7, which of course is released under the GNU GPL and contains also code of mine.

Now the problem is to make sure that the issue is solved. I wonder if Harald Welte has been already warned about this, I probably should warn him myself.

THe nice thing about KMS is that to contact them you need to be a registered customer, which means the only way I have right now to contact them is either by phone or fax, which aren’t exactly the nicest things once you think that they are long distance..

But I will prepare a fax now, the nice thing of having a decent fax-by-mail provider.

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  1. Well, look no further: is to be found at their homepage and i’m not a registered customer. It just wasn’t under the appropriate heading.I would also like to thank you for working so devotedly with Gentoo!

  2. Yeah CnM and KMS seems to be the same company, if you look at Rob’s post :)But thanks Andreas, I wasn’t able to find it sincerely :)I contacted them and they answered quite quickly, saying that they are trying to get the source code from the original manufacturer (they seem to only be distributing the thing).Let’s see if they can comply with the GPL as they told me they want; I also reminded them that each unit sold right now is basically pirate software.

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