xine license violated

I have to thank Daniel Silverstone for reporting the post of Rob Kendrick about the “MiniBook” sub-notebook, sold in the UK (for what I gathered) by KMS Components .

On the “firmware” of that notebook you’l find, among others, xine-lib-1.1.7, which of course is released under the GNU GPL and contains also code of mine.

Now the problem is to make sure that the issue is solved. I wonder if Harald Welte has been already warned about this, I probably should warn him myself.

THe nice thing about KMS is that to contact them you need to be a registered customer, which means the only way I have right now to contact them is either by phone or fax, which aren’t exactly the nicest things once you think that they are long distance..

But I will prepare a fax now, the nice thing of having a decent fax-by-mail provider.