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Motion sensing, the new “cool thing”

Okay so this was the convalescence week, and yet I fixed some autotools ; today (that is, Saturday), I decided to relax a bit as last night I slept just five hours, as friends came over for the night, and returned playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

The game is very nice, like I wrote before, and it has a nice gameplay. Plus I very much love Marvel heroes, so it suits me well. But I found I wasted a huge amount of time at beating Arcade Bot. The reason ws that i couldn’t understand, and act on, the motion sensing that the game suggested.

If you didn’t know that, even PlayStation 3 has motion sensors, in the SixAxis and DualShock 3 controllers. Of course it’s not the same kind of sensing that there is on Nintendo Wii, but it works for some nice feature sin games.

What is the problem then? In games like Lair and Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, that are designed for the PlayStation3 specifically, the use of the motion sensor is quite good and actually provides a very nice gaming experience. On the other hand, it does not work this well with other games.

For instance, trying to control the podracers in Lego Star Wars with motion sensing is, to me, quite annoying. In Marvel Ultimate Alliance it also wasn’t the best, as I basically just had to shake it around to pull ropes and stuff like that.

In these games, the presence of the motion sensor seems to be there just to “show off” that the title has been converted to PlayStation 3. Luckily there are games, designed for or converted to PlayStation 3, that come to their sense and either don’t use that feature, or use just it in a few minor cases, like Devil May Cry 4.

In general, I’m afraid to say that the motion sensing ability of the PlayStation 3 is going to be almost surely misused by the vast majority of games out there, as they won’t be designed with that functionality in mind.

Oh well, back to my Heroes, I guess.

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