Enterprise down…

So today I woke up to find a nasty surprise. At almost an exact year since my first hospitalisation (the year will be this night), Enterprise died.

I think it might just be the PSU giving up, as it does not turn on even the led light on the mainboard, but at this point, I’d say “who knows?”. My mother seen a “flash of light”, heard a BIIP from the UPS, and the computer turned off. I cannot turn it back on.

The UPS did likely cut the whole power as the external HD also was turned off when I woke up, but the HD itself is fine. the UPS is also charged, so that’s not it.

It’s the worst timing ever for my computer to break down. Not only I have my SSH key for the vserver on it (I can get it out probably, but that’s beside the point), but I also cannot do my job without that. Okay, it was planned already that I wouldn’t be working until after surgery, but it’s a bit of a problem if I cannot replace Enterprise in the mean time.

I was already planning on a replacement (which will obviously be called Yamato), and I have a components list I can look at right now, from Alternate (K&M does not carry Opterons, nor I can find those in Italy). The problem is that it’s around €2K.

So if anybody is willing to help me gathering the money, I’d be certainly happy, as I won’t be able to do work until middle of september, if not even later, and without Enterprise, I cannot do any kind of F/LOSS work, that means no Gentoo, no xine, no optimisation of smaller projects. If I can get the money, I’d be doing even more work on that as it will take very little time to run the build on Yamato.

Sorry for the request, but this really looks to me like an emergency, as it happened at the very worst time :/

Update: cutting out the hardware RAID 5 support I can get the price down to €1300 which is much more feasible.