Looking for a Nokia cable

Okay just a quick and dirty post for the lazyweb, to see if somebody has ever seen the cable that can be seen in these two photos:

Nokia 1200 - What's the connector?

Nokia 1200 - What's the connector?

It’s a Nokia 1200 mobile phone. The port is almost certainly an USB connection, from the size of it; the headset is using the TRS connection on the right, rather than the four pins one.

I’m interested in this because, if it’s a USB connection, and the phone works in gnokii, I can at least load and unload its address book from a PC, which is quite easier to deal with than the keypad.

Thanks to anybody who has a clue!

4 thoughts on “Looking for a Nokia cable

  1. Uhm, no, the one on the far left is a mini-USB, and I do have that connection here.Micro USB is also that wide, just smaller in height, and I do have one of those in the Nikon CoolPix P50.


  2. hello, i found the ca-45 cable and bought it for Nokia 1200, did you try the gnokii for your phone ? i want to sync my phone with my othe nokia contacts (saved in cvs file) under linux.thanks!bob from Hungary


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