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Health, again

So the past Tuesday I went seeing a doctor, privately, in Verona, about my pancreatitis problems.

He confirmed the diagnosis that the local hospital gave this time: gallstones. The solution is removing my gallbladder, as they already told me in Mestre.

The nice chane, between Mestre (local) and Verona is that this doctor wants to give me a MRCP first, while in Mestre they wanted to start right away with an endoscopic RCP. It’s at least a start. Also the fact that he didn’t ask me to get a new CT scan, but rather an MRI, makes me feel safer than I was in Mestre.

As it’s August, and thus a bit difficult to handle non-emergencies, I’ll be hospitalised by the end of the month, most likely on the 25th. They’ll keep me just a few days for the MRCP, unless they can act through laparoscopy, then they’d move me to Peschiera (for the Italians reading, yes it is near Gardaland :P) to have my gallbladder removed.

If there is the need for a full blown surgery, they’ll schedule that and I’ll come home waiting for that.

I’m now following a very low fat diet, even more so than before. While last year they told me to eat up to three eggs a week, now I’m absolutely to avoid those. I’m sorry “givemesugar” that I’ll have to skip on trying ginger for now, as it also activates the gallbladder, which I have to keep on a low profile, instead.

Unfortunately, even once my gallbladder is removed my odyssey won’t be solved. I’ll be going in and out of hospitals to stay in check for a few months, and that is quite a problem for motivation and development.

During the time I’ll be in the hospital I will be unable to continue working on development, but I should find time to write, for the blog but not limited to hopefully. There are a few issues I would love to tackle in Portage, and I could just leave stuff to build, as I won’t be at home for a few days at least. Unfortunately I’m not sure how worth it is to do so, with the slowness that Enterprise is.

At any rate, waiting for the MRCP I’m playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance, yai for PS3 😛

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  1. The doctors actually excluded it might be a problem of diet, but I’ll look up the links you provided, even if I get surgery, it’s not like I won’t be striving to eat as healthy as I can :)Thanks!

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