Service announcement about disabled comments

Just a service announcement post for the few users following my blog. As the GMN is often reporting blog posts of mine that are more than a month old I decided to make some changes to how comments get disabled.

Up to today, posts older than 30 days had their comments section disabled, this is because after a while most of the comments arriving on these are just simple spam, and while I’m forced to premoderate the comments anyway (too much spam otherwise), I’d rather not having more of it to remove.

Now I moved the limit to 90 days, so there should be enough time to comment even when GMN posts a link a month later.

If you wanted to comment on a not-so-recent post of mine and you found the comments disabled, you might want to take a look now, as the change is retroactive.

If I don’t see an exponential amount in spam I might just as well leave all the posts enabled even after 90 days.. there’s time to see that 😉