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No I’m not working on C# again, although I admit i have Mono installed. Actually to be honest I’m not working on anything at the moment.

I have scheduled a visit in Verona next Tuesday, then they’ll probably tell me when I’ll have surgery, and which kind of surgery. Up to then I’m not sure how to organise myself with jobs and other things so I’ll probably keep a very low profile.

So, to make sure I don’t end up leaving packages unmaintained and bugs unseen, I’m trying now to delegate as much as I can of my responsibilities to other developers. Hopefully this way there won’t be anything left untouched while I’m convalescent.

The only things I’ll be working on this week, and even those only briefly, are short documentation updates, and maybe, but just maybe, version bumps. I already updated the --as-needed fixing guide trying to make it a bit more clear what to do with some errors, and how to properly filter the flag, and when to actually filter it. I’ll probably write something more about that, and then start seeing if I can write something about autotools update problems.

I’m doing this because multiple people (both devs and non) contacted me while I was in the hospital asking how to fix stuff, for --as-needed, new libtool, new autoconf, and so on. As I cannot really answer them while I’m in the hospital, I’d rather see to write a proper guide before I enter again, and then leave that to them as a reference.

I really can’t afford another pancreatitis, so I’ll have to reduce my stress levels a lot. Help with stuff I’ve been working on is very very welcome. So if you wish to spare some time and help me with, for instance, identifying packages that need to be fixed to work with OpenPAM, so that Seraphim’s work could be actually made good use of after it’s done.

Now I’ll cut this entry short, as I want to take care of other things today, like being able to play a bit (I haven’t played seriously in weeks!), plus I have to download from the camera some more photos I made this morning.

Again, donations to me, gifts, but even more importantly, day after day, to the research on pancreatic diseases are welcome.

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  1. Hey fellow Gnome convert ^^, get well soon. I might be a good idea to investigate the hospitals that can provide your surgery.Here in the Netherlands some magazines do research and rank the various hospitals, giving you a good idea of the level of expertise and available specialists.P.S.I reckon you you’ve already read wikipedia?

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