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Again health status updates

The good news first: if all goes well I’ll be home by the end of the week. The bad news is that I’ll probably have to go to another hospital in Verona next week.

They let me eat today to see how I react, I have to make sure to keep a regular diet while I’m at home, and I’ll probably not work on Gentoo or anything else for the time. I think I’ll pass most of my days in bed even at home, playing with C&C3 or something else (I could play with the PS3 but my arms are still hurting from the IV needles — which I don’t have on at the moment — and they’d probably stress me more physically than an RTS).

I will probably be tempted to write something or to fix lights or some other electrical work. I’ll see to avoid that. I should probably read more, as this year I haven’t read just as much as I should have. If you feel like doing something, my wishlist is still at the same place 😉

The only things I will probably try to write about are the shortcomings of the hospital I’m in. I didn’t say this before, but I’m not in the same one I was last year, because in the mean time the new hospital was open and the old one closed. Not everything is good when it’s new, for sure. The staff, is, possibly luckily, the same as before.

I think I’ll see to nap a bit right now probably, as last night I wasn’t able to sleep too much because of some other patients in this unit.

Note to self: get Scrubs season 4 DVDs before I come out of Verona’s Hospital. (Those you won’t find on the wishlist because I usually buy them in Italian.)

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  1. i can see that your health status is not very good, but also not very bad. i would like to tell you about something that i’ve found out to work very well: cinese medicine and tai chi chuan. according to cinese medicine your problem is due to disfunction in the liver and the gall (associated to wood element) that inhibits the spleen and pancreas (associates to the earth element) functions. the way to fix this up is to warm up your body and be moved by good emotions like pleasure and love so that to stimulate the increase of chi produced by the heart (associated to the fire element). this is due to the theory of the 5 elements accordind to which fire burns wood and produces earth. so according to this you could try inserting fennel and ginger in your diet as spices or as infuses. they have the effect of cleaning the digestive system and to raise the overall fire element in the body so that it can naturally heal your earth element. as for tai chi its teachings might help you increase your overall stamina and internal strenght. it isn’t stressfull on the body. i’ve started practicing it and to follow the 5 elements theory and i can assure you that it has made me feel better. there are a lot of books that speak about this but one that i can reccomend is the “13 chapters on tai chi chuan” from cheng man ch’in, an eminent cinese medic, in which it explains some of the good points of tai chi chuan and cinese medicine in the view of occidental medicine and physics. it’s a 100 pages book and is a quite good reading cause it will help you think of your body from the interior. the world health organization also reccomends tai chi chuan as a form of medical gymnastics to all people, from young childs to older man and women.well, after all this blattering i’d like to wish you to get to feel better soon so that you could regain your daily life. hope you the best for your recovery.

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