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Hospital again

Quick and dirty post just to inform you all that I’m again at the hospital. Again pancreatitis.

I hope it won’t be like last year and that I’ll be back soonish. But in the mean time I’m offline.

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  1. Hi Diego!I am out of words. I come here daily and was hit by this totally unprepared. I can pretty much relate to what you might be thinking now and you know what? All you can do is, get through this and keep an optimistic view on your future because if you start thinking that life is unfair or what does it all matter what I do if… you know. You starting loosing some part of yourself, you become bitter and life just passes by without being noticed or enjoyed or even used.To make a long story short: take your time to recover and I hope you are back soon from the hospital and everything just turns out fine!Keep your head up…Get well soon!Matthias

  2. I wish you all the best. Get well soon! Thanks for all your work on Gentoo – but this can wait now, it’s about your health now!Best regards,Elias P.

  3. it’s time to do some holidays and relax; restore yourself and come back more stronger than before!see you soon.Mauro

  4. Hey,sorry to hear your pancreas is acting up again but I’m sure the hospital staff will patch you up in no time.Good luck with getting healthier again and try to use the time off to relax somewhat.

  5. I also have Chronic Pancreatitis. It IS a bummer. Lately I’ve been doing better. I have started using liquid nutrition shakes when I am starting to act up. Also, I have cut way back on caffeine. These 2 things seems to help. I also read something interesting. If it ever comes to having your pancreas removed, you don’t necessarily have to become a brittle diabetic. They can remove the insulin cells from the excised pancrease and transplant them to your liver. They resume making insulin from their new location. They do it in a few hospitals around the world. One is the University Of Illinois Medical Center. The only caveat is it is more likely to suceed if the do it before you become pre-diabetic (obviously, more cells to transplant). I’m keeping it in mind for me if I need it.Get well soon!!!

  6. i wish you a full recovery in a quick time. hope you get better soon.

  7. Take your time, rest and things will get better! You’ll be back in no time.

  8. I hope you get well soon!I am sorry to hear that you are back in the hospital :-/

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