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Sun burns!

No I’m not cursing Sun Microsystems, although I’m still having some trouble with VirtualBox. It’s just that The Sun really burns. I was convinced by some friends of mine to go to the beach last Friday, and I ended up burning myself on the back. It’s getting better now but I’m not used to this.

Geeks should stay clear of the beach!

Okay this explains why I haven’t written at all in the past few days: I passed the whole day in bed. Now I’m better and I’ll probably write some more during the day.

The most important update now is that the second release candidate for rbot is in Portage, and it restores the NLS support even for the released versions. Thanks Tango and the rest of the rbot developers!

Okay, I’ll return on these matters later, now I’ll take a shower to see if it relieves the last drops of pain from the burn, and then I have to try the new Chat program by Nokia, to see if they actually were able to do something good for once.

I will also have some comments about Fedora 9 later so stick around 😉

The longest week of the summer is starting!

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