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I was surprised and almost happy to read today that Nokia released an IM application for S60, especially since it uses XMPP. If you remember, one of my concerns was the fact that there was no decent XMPP client for S60 .

Unfortunately, I’m afraid Nokia hasn’t gotten better at their game yet… the demo they released works only on some of their models. Of course thanks to my luck, my E61 is not between them.

How can this happen? Are the devices that different that they cannot run the same user application? Sorry but I think PCs have a much wider range of hardware and yet most applications would work on all of them.

I suppose the problem has to be seen in the fact that every other generation use a completely different firmware, which can be subtly incompatible with the previous and next ones. This because Nokia decides not to update the software in their phones one a replacement model is released .

Guess what? It backfires, as it seems like providing one application bundle that works on all S60v3 phones at once is impossible, even for Nokia. And I’m not even asking to support all three of the S60 generations at once…

Oh well, I hope they’ll add E61 support sooner or later.
Although the fact that it requires a Nokia account upsets me a bit, will I be able to just sign in with my GMail account? Or will I have to keep two accounts around? It would suck if I had to, just like it sucked when I had to use both GTalk and Gentoo’s Jabber server (before GTalk opened to s2s).

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