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Third term

So the results for this year’s council election are out, and it seems like my fellow developers voted me in for the third time. Thank you guys! And thanks for confirming most of the previous concil too.

So just to make it clear, tomorrow I’ll officially ask for comments on a proposal to change the council GLEP so that there won’t be a new opportunity to call off a council based on a practical mistake.

The rest of my TODO list for the week, that seems to be quite cooler than the past one, standing to all the weather forecasts I checked, counts finding a way to fix .la files after removal of stuff like libpopt’s (that break a lot of other .la files). The nice thing is that the complex script that we exected to need before (fixing the VDB for the mtimes and md5sums) is not needed; recent enough Portage versions will be removing the modified .la files anyway so sedding them out after gather will suffice.

Also, I’ll have some more docs to write, will try to do my best to keep you updated on these.

Again, thanks to all the developers for the trust they gave me (and us) again! THANKS! 🙂

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