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Now this is a cool game

So yesterday I finally finished the Human mode of Devil May Cry 4. I have to say this is one of the coolest games I have played in the last few years. I admit I was never much of a gamer, and the PS3 was the only thing actually changing my style on this (and good thing that, or I would probably be again in the hospital by now).

One thing that I’ve noticed with the PS3 is that the games tend to change a bit their setup, I don’t remember many games played under the sun, especially not a tropical sun, with exception of cartoonish games, while both DMC4 and Uncharted seem to make a display of PS3’s capabilities by using that a lot. I admit it’s a nice change from the usual dark levels. The ambient design is also well cured, the castle is scarily well built.

The only beef I have up to now with the game is the way they let me hope for having freedom of choosing which character to play a level with through the “character selection” screen in the mission menu, while the only choice I had up to now was to have or not automatic macros. The character to play with seems to be hardcoded on the levels (although it’s true you play both at the end).

It’s also interesting the fact that they give you six possible ending screens to “collect’ by completing the game multiple time. It’s a nice touch.

Unfortunately I’m not much of a gamer still, I’m not even in the ranks (which are the top 10K), and not even near the lowest score.

Anyway, for tonight I think I’ll be done with DMC4, I’ll probably play Genji to change the mood a bit. If you are a fantasy anime fan, you have to get that game 🙂

On a different note about the blog, I’ve added (partial) support for Sphere search links on the posts’ pages. I’m not sure if it’s a really good idea sincerely, but it’s worth trying, I suppose. if it works out decently I might add it to the homepage too.

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