Looking for the name of a very old game (MS-DOS/C64 era)

If you didn’t play on MS-DOS (or should we say DoS? 😉 ) or on Commodore 64, you probably can’t answer my question. If you did, please follow reading as I’m looking for as much help as I can.

I don’t remember the name, and thus I can’t get any screenshot, I have to base myself entirely on my memory. The game was available for sure on both MS-DOS and Commodore 64. For the Italian readers, it was in either the first or third issue of “PC Facile” (I think this was the title) by Jackson Libri.

It was a totally 2d (no pseudo-3d), tile-based game, game area was delimited by “wall” tiles, it had a gravity toward the bottom of the screen, although there were “elevator” solid tiles moving through the area, going around obstacles, mostly.

The focus point of the game were other tiles though, with shapes and icons on them. The objective of the game was to put two or more of those together to destroy them. The tricky part was that often the tiles were odd in the game area, so you had to put three together. And most of the time in a given sequence otherwise you couldn’t get other tiles together.

To move tiles together you could “lock on” them (they took a red border) and then you could move them either left or right.

I’d very much like to find it to see if it’s possible at all to implement a version of it on modern systems, although I’m sure there would be copyright problems on trying to reverse engineer it… at least I could make sure how the gameplay was.

Sometimes I find myself wondering what I could possibly let my nephew play when he’s a bit older… I’m not going to let him play hack’n’slash games like Devil May Cry 4 (even though it’s an exceptional game). Puzzles are what I was playing between 4 and 10 (then I switched to RTS with Dune 2), but most of the puzzle I liked to play don’t seem to be available for anything I can let him play with (like my mother’s iBook).