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Blogging from the PS3

As an experiment, I’m trying to write a blog entry directly from the browser of the PlayStation3. Unfortunately, I’m not used to this keyboard anymore, it’s also quite noisy compared with the ultra-silent Apple keyboards I’ ve been using for the past months. Additionally, it seems to lose quite a bit of keystrokes, so I suppose this entry will be full of grammatical errors. Sorry for that, it’ s just a test anyway.

Unfotunately, my idea of trying Timeshift’s demo with keyboard and mouse to see whether I’ll be ready to play UT3 and C&C RA3 (when it comes out) on the PS3 was ruined by the fact that the game ignores keyboard and mouse input. The suck!

Ryan, do you have any comment about UT3 with keyboard on the PS3? I don’t think I’ ll be ever able to play FPS with a joypad…

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