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Just a note about comment moderation

This is not really Gentoo-related, just a service notice for those who wonders, as I was asked in private about this. I do moderate comments, and I don’t accept all of them. In particular, since a few months I automatically delete some people’s posts from the queue without even looking at the comment.

This blacklist (which is actually just a pgsql command, I do it the hard way because typo does not support a proper blacklist) does not include Ciaran, as you can guess if you read my comments. He sometimes have valid technical points, so I usually moderate him by hand – he also seems to have high consideration of either me or the people who actually follow my blog, as he does comment so much. I tend to limit the possible recursiveness of his arguments though, so you’ll usually find just one post from him unless he makes a new point I find valid.

Yes this is not a democratic forum, I never said it was. But unless you contributed just pointless talk for enough time to drive me off, I usually tend to allow people to disagree with me.

As for what Ferdy said, my post wasn’t as much as a rebuttal to him than it was to others, I think who I wanted to understand did so already. But as I said I admit my mistake: I didn’t check the logs. I know now it was a bad idea, but I didn’t. Although this is indeed a mistake, I don’t consider ever having voted for the meeting on the 15th of May, I voted to reschedule, that’s right, but I didn’t even read any date.

So my point still stands: the meeting wasn’t agreed upon. If the majority of the council will agree that the rule still applies, that’s fine by me, but again I’ll propose the next council will, first task on their list, clarify the rules on meetings (as Paul said): when they can be considered agreed upon and when the rule should apply.

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