Relax and sleeping problems

As I said yesterday, I’ve started having sleeping problems again. If you remember my earlier blog posts, it has been something of a problem before, mostly because I do tend to think a lot about things, probably overthink most of the time, in the dark before sleeping. This is quite a problem because I also tend to have bad feelings whenever I do something that, while totally justified, might make upset some friend of mine, like I did in the past days.

One thing that I start to have clear now is that caffeine is just one part of the issue, it makes my head work again as it did before I stopped drinking coke, which is something that after the hospital I missed a lot. But then it’s my mind that keeps me away because of the things it thinks of: stuff I have to do for work, what I want to do with my life, and so on.

So the only thing I can do to start sleeping decently is to find a way to relax so that I’ll stop thinking about these things when there is no need for me to. I should also stop caring this much for quite a few things I can’t do anything about, like politics and environment. Sure I won’t start ignoring the related issues, but I’ll have to let it go so that I won’t start not sleeping because of those things. Not like that happens a lot but it’s a good example of stuff I care way too much for my health not to get a hit.

I already got a decent way to relax, the PlayStation 3. The only problem is that I’ve been waiting in the last three weeks for the new games I ordered from Amazon to arrive. They arrived Friday, but then there has been a few happening with a friend of mine that upset me to the point that caused my sleep deprivation yesterday.

I suppose I should really convince myself to play more when I have nothing better to do, rather than writing tools to analyse ELF files (which by the way tend to be useful only for xine-lib and little else) and run it over all the free software I contribute to in some way.

Talking about PlayStation 3, I think we should create a group of developers playing, and get one good networked game to play 😉 Myself I just need to find a decent small table to put in my room and I’ll be trying keyboard and mouse to see if I can play UT3 on it… waiting for C&C RA2.