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Remember: build fixes shouldn’t require a revbump!

I’m staying in bed most of the day in the past week or so because I have a terrible flu, I’ll try to return to my libtool-using packages hacking in the next days, as soon as I feel better.

There are at the moment at least three things that might require you to add a build fix: gcc 4.3 series, autoconf 2.62 and libtool 2.2. Whichever of the three is causing your problems, you shouldn’t be revbumping in normal cases.

Exceptional cases can be the ones for critical libraries that are now stable, very complex patches that might break a stable ebuild, and probably nothing else.

If you just have to remove -Werror to let a package build with GCC 4.3, doing a revision bump will only require more work for the arch teams to mark it stable, more load for the CVS server to keep track of new files, and will require users to rebuild a library they don’t need to rebuild.

Similarly happens for autoconf 2.62 fixes, as most of the times are really minor issues; libtool fixes might be a bit more complex, so I would say most of them do require a revbump.

If you want you can merge the fix together with a version bump if you don’t want to change the stable version, or just apply the fix to the latest version available.

I know this should be common knowledge, but as I do see this happening, I thought it would be nicer to remember this to all.

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