New autoconf, new problems

So a new release of autoconf is in the tree, it’s version 2.62. Guess what? It’s far from glitches-free. Although I suppose the biggest problem is from programs that bend the rules autoconf gives you.

While the warnings it spews up during Amarok build are, well, just a warning, which will probably be fixed before a version of autoconf making those problems fatal, there are subtle bugs that might appear, like –bug #217154 which made PAM fail to build. I suppose before autoconf 2.62 can go stable, Linux-PAM 1.0.0-r1 has to, too. I could just start the stabling process now by making the last 0.99 version using PAM the stable candidate, but I admit I wanted some more time than that.

I expect more problems to come out in the next days, we’ll see about that though. In the mean time I’m here to warn you that there might be problems related to autoconf, so don’t panic if something does not build out of the box, especially if it’s an old version that is just being rebuilt.