Announcing bugs

You might or might not know that I started working some time ago on a bugzilla plugin for rbot. The idea started from my previous try to get a bot to access bugs, which was in turn due to GenBot, an old bot that used to be around in #gentoo-* channels, disappearing.

What the current plugin can do is to fetch the XML with the data about the bug, and parse it to show a summary. Up until yesterday, you had to specify which bug tracker to get the data from, but now I implemented per-channel defaults.

The interface is still quite a bit rough and probably altogether slow, but I hope to improve it in the next days. Right now you can choose a default bug tracker to get the bugs from if a tracker wasn’t specified on the request. It also does listen to all the messages to see if someone is talking about a bug, kinda like jeeves does.

What I’m hoping to implement in the next days also is announcing bugs, again, kinda like jeeves does. Thanks to Robin, I now know how to deal with this using just the HTTP interface of Bugzilla, so in the next days I should be able to make ServoFlame join #xine@oftc and announce new bugs as they are reported.

My current problem is to avoid iterating through multiple arrays at once to get the announcement on all channels, I suppose I’ll have to parse the settings a bit so to index them per zilla. It’s more an implementation detail though.

More interesting is the refactor I started on the code, trying to document it a bit more with comments, and adding Exceptions where needed rather than hardcoding error conditions. I have to say I like the code better now.

Anyway, stay tuned for more rbot hacking in the next future, I just hope to find a way to contact markey or tango outside Freenode, as I’m steering clear of that network now (as I’ll steer clear of any network enlisting people with no trace of maturity).