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Back on Enterprise

So I’m finally back on Enterprise, the new office is almost done, I just have to finish cleaning my stuff to bring it back into the office.

Since I’m back on Enterprise, I started Specto and looked at which pages were updated, and I got quite a few new releases for the packages I maintain:

  • Linux-PAM released the first of the 1.0 series, 1.0.0, which I’ve already added to the tree;
  • libarchive and sudo updated both their stable and beta branches;
  • nxhtml got a new release.

the release of Linux-PAM 1.0.0 makes me wonder if I should be trying to complete the move to sys-auth that started in fall 2005. I left PAM out before hoping that epkgmove could improve, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon, so I’m pondering about doing the move manually myself. Linux-PAM should really become sys-auth/linux-pam rather than sys-apps/pam it is now.

The biggest problem I can see are overlays that refer to sys-libs/pam that would be broken just about immediately by the move, and overlays that for some (often stupid) reason have a sys-libs/pam package needing to move that around.

Oh well, just another entry in my TODO list I suppose.

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