I’m baffled by the price of PS3 titles

So, at the pace I’m going (I passed the infamous suspended level two days ago, without the help of my sister), I’m afraid I’ll be completing Ratchet and Clank before the end of April. So I’m looking for other games to play in the next months.

It’s interesting how the only way for me to be quite productive in my work is to stop and play games. I suppose this is what a stress relieve should be, rather than trying to relax by writing a new software.

Anyway, what really baffles me is the price for PS3 titles in Italy, especially when I compare it with Amazon’s prices (yes I know Amazon is even more evil, but allow me to be pragmatic on this, I’ll show you why…).

I’ll take two titles I’m actually looking forward to buy soonish: Unreal Tournament 3 and Devil May Cry 4. Of the latter I’ve played a demo and it looks seriously cool (and Mark confirmed it beforehand too), of the first I don’t need one, UT was one of my favourite games, and it is a very nice way to relieve anger, rather than simple stress.

They would cost me respectively €75.99 and €79.99. A lot, which would mean I wouldn’t buy either for a couple of months and maybe buy one of them in the summer. Or look for a second hand copy of them.

Straight from my wishlist, instead, the above titles cost £29.98 and £24.96, which standing from Google’s conversion are €38.52 and €32.07. This is almost half and less than half the price in Italy! It’s also subverted the pricing, as DMC4 costs less than UT3.

The same pricing difference seem to apply to all games. It’s a huge difference, and you can’t simply explain it as the Amazon’s copies not being translated: I’d expect all games to be released in a multi-language disk; and I see similar difference on some Nintendo DS titles I know are multilingual (Yu-Gi-Oh games). I sincerely hope I read it right on most sites that PS3 games are either not region-locked or simply region-locked with DVD-style regions, which would mean Italy and UK being on the same Region, as that would really save me a huge amount of money, to have the same playing material.

On a totally unrelated (for this blog post, but much more related to this blog) note, Tuesday I ’ll go shopping for the cables, and for a WiFi card. I’m not sure what I’ll pick up, I’ll see if I can find some very very cheap card that could be expected to work in Linux. If it works I’ll have my Gentoo box online Tuesday night, so I’ll be hacking (even though I’d be working from the laptop as console), you’ll have to wait me for my return possibly at the end of the week, when the “new” office will be up and running. I’d rather not start moving this way the router and all the network stuff before moving in the furniture, but I can bring here enterprise’s case and the UPS for the time being.

Ah, and somehow Parallels messed up Bootcamp’s partition on my Mac, so I’ll have to recover it. Luckily booting bootcamp directly works fine so I don’t have to waste time for my job to continue. Good thing I did change the setting of that two weeks ago. I’m also using a partition on the external drive so I don’t waste too much of my internal disk’s space for Windows…