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I hate suspended levels

as I said with one of my previous blogs, I feel quite disappointed by Gentoo. Feeling disappointed is the first step to become frustrated. Becoming frustrated is then the first step to burn out and leaving Gentoo.

As I don’t want to leave Gentoo again, I’ve finally decided to take yet another step to relieve my stress. This step is called PlayStation (3). After talking with Halcyon about it a bit (I wanted to make sure it would have upscaled DVDs from standard definition to HD, it does), I finally convinced myself it was time to buy it. And since last week I’m an happy owner of a PlayStation 3. By the way, to follow my box naming scheme, it is called Holodeck.

One of the games I had with it was Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, which was quite interesting. It’s a platform game, a genre I missed a lot, and it’s quite nice to play too. Easy, as it’s probably designed for kids, but still funny and a good stress relieve.

Until you get to the asteroids’ levels.

I wrote some time ago about my acrophobia, that stops me from trying to take planes, and stops me from going to conferences and so on. I didn’t specify that even things like suspended levels in platform games make me easily sick. This was true for Commander Keen 4 and is even more true today with R&C, considering the visual effect is way more… real.

So I stopped playing that for now until I can ask my sister to do that passage for me.

I can understand these levels are a quite nice experience as they require a lot of coordination and mental focus. But are my most hated part of a platform. And every platform has them! >_<

Oh well, for tonight I’ll work a bit more, I have two drafted e-mail to send actually, about SoC, just give me a few minutes. I should also start preparing a Gentoo/FreeBSD virtual machine, and the PAM documentation, and … well, let’s just say that even if I find time to play I have enough things that I’m doing for Gentoo and not limited to. it actually makes me more productive than just working all day long. I just need to find a way to get a few more games before I complete the ones I have here 🙂

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