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Credit’s given where credit’s due

You can proably find me mumble about not having a stable job from time to time. Indeed, I’m one of the so-called “precariouses” (Precari): I have a job now but I might not have one in June (my contract expires on end of May).

This is quite a bit of a problem for people who need to think of the future, people with a family and son on. Strangely enough, it seems to adapt quite well to my new way of thinking after the hospital: I don’t know if I’ll be alive in June, why should I care if I have a job or not? But this does not make it very good on its own.

On the other hand, there is one thing that is pretty nice with being a freelancer, and I was reflecting on this Friday night with a friend of mine.

On an usual stable job, at least in Italy, you’re paid per hour. This means that the more complex the job, the more you get paid, but sometimes even if you could do something quickly, you end up dilating the timing so that you can actually get a decent pay, sorta like when using Scotty’s Law.

When you’re a freelancer, you can easily increase the price if it’s something urgent that has to be completed in shorter time. This let’s you avoid having to buffer the work, so you can better employ your time, and allows you to work at full potential.

On this note, I think I’m almost fine to work freelance, I’ll probably see to stay this way for quite a while 🙂

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