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Summer of Code, Gentoo and other projects

So it seems we got accepted as organisation for Google Summer of Code 2008! And so were FFmpeg and FreeBSD (at least, I heard about those on a few blog).

I wish to remember the users who’re interested in Gentoo/FreeBSD that the main way to improve Gentoo/FreeBSD (once I find time to take back the project again, and make FreeBSD 7.0 ebuilds) is to improve FreeBSD itself. So if you want, you can apply for their SoC and still help the Gentoo project!

And FFmpeg is also an important project for me to have new people working on it: xine is based on that, so it’s a very important project. If you feel you can actually work on that area, join that SoC!

But of course make sure to check out Gentoo ideas, and feel free to contact me if you want further information on the project I proposed myself.

And if you still don’t know where to apply, check out the ideas for the rest of Summer of Code 2008!

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