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I don’t even want to write anything, I’m just disappointed by Gentoo today. Not for everything, mind you, there are quite a lot of good things, but there are things disappointing me.

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  1. With the intention of making me and others curious? ;)Aim and shoot Diego, don’t just aim. If you don’t like something, share it, who knows we’ll agree. And discussion is never bad 🙂

  2. Well well, whats with the “again”‘s? If people just kept quiet, we wouldn’t know what we could improve. Been loving the things Diego brought up, real eye-openers among them.

  3. Oooh! I know! I know! Are you disappointed that Portage got to be so dead that the Gentoo/KDE people felt they had no choice but to start looking elsewhere for a package manager?

  4. Now that is a very true demonstration that if you look under the entry “egocentrism” in a dictionary you’ll find Ciaranm’s photo.And there isn’t a _single_ reason why I am disappointed. I’m disappointed for a wide range of things. Like SoC moving for a probable failure again, because of lack of interest among developers. Like Gentoo/FreeBSD being on life support for quite a while now. Like the fact I see little going on to fix real problems.I don’t want to see SoC failing again. I don’t want to see Gentoo/FreeBSD dead. I don’t want that one of the longest thread in the development mailing list is about _changing a keyword’s name because of marketing names_.So I’m disappointed, and I’m probably going to start kicking asses again till something works. I want this to work.

  5. There are three kinds of people.- the ones who work (their asses of)- the ones who lead (and work their ass of to make sure that the once who work can work)- the ones who bitch around, simulate work or need 24/7 supervision just to breathe (a.k.a. the majority of people)This doesn’t apply just to gentoo but to all humanity. There’s no reason why to allow anything or anyone to spoil your day. Some things turn out right, some dont. In the end, all that’s left is to do one’s best – if you wish something to prosper.

  6. kde is already using the worst build system since imake, no wonder they are willing to try new stuff that may or may not give them something more to cope with that pain.About gentoo/fbsd I hope to have a partition for it and start hacking on it a while (time to get a decent price for a phenom gear or the new phenom cpu released, or a fast powerpc affordable)

  7. The problem with gentoo is that they regard themselves as elitists. Not everyone of course, but a few vocal people – be it on forum, IRC or somewhere else. It is extremely irritating and while other communities have these too, on Gentoo it seems to be aggregated.You may disagree with me on this, but I am 100% sure from my experience. :)If one wants to compile from source, one would rather pick up Gobolinux. They at least do away with various problems whereas Gentoo stagnates.Stagnation, no matter where, means a slow death eventually.

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