Summer of Code ideas for other projects

I know I already filled the Gentoo SoC project page with ideas, but I still got a few more to propose for organisation which I’m not even sure will be on SoC itself. Think of this post just as a braindump of stuff I’d like from other projects and which I would see well suited for Summer of Code.

  • for lighttpd, a PAM-based authentication module, so that, for instance, I could allow all the xine developers to access the server where xine bugzilla and also access a private HTTP directory on it with a single user and password database (the system);
  • for libarchive (FreeBSD), built-in support for lzma (de-)compression algorithm, so that it could handle GNU’s .tar.lzma files on its own;
  • for glib, a confuse-like configuration file parser, so that I could get rid of that dependency on unieject;

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