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Unieject moves to GIT

It’s not like I love GIT unconditionally, I think Mike has quite a point about it. But it makes it way easier to handle repositories than Mercurial. So I am using it for almost all the projects I maintain alone.

Unieject up to now was still using Subversion on; the problem was that git-svn didn’t grasp a rename that I made during the early life of the project when I imported the local Subversion repository to Berlios.

Today, after I couldn’t commit to Sourceforge because my password expired (is this something new?) I tried git-svn again and… it worked! It imported the repository correctly. After a bit of fiddling to replace the tags branches with actual tags, I was able to get my new repository online on the server.

I’ve now disabled SourceForge’s SVN for Unieject, the code can be found at

I’m now debating with myself about either resuming to work on gitarella, or abandon it for cgit… the problem is that I’d have to prepare an ebuild for cgit at least, and I never tried to understand how to make an ebuild for a webapp. If somebody from the webapp team can give me some of his time to either teach me how to make an ebuild for cgit, or directly creating one, I’d be quite happy 🙂

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  1. Hi Diego,I was just wondering why you prefer cgit to gitweb, which is in the Gentoo repository.I’m no developer but as sport I’m trying to hack together an ebuild for cgit.One of the issues I’m foreseeing is the location of cgitrc which by default is in /etc/cgitrcI’ll post it when I get something working.

  2. When I tried to use gitweb, it was just too slow, that’s why I started working on gitarella. I want to try cgit to see if it’s able to be more optimised than gitweb.I think the main difference between cgit and gitarella is the cache: gitarella uses memcache, which requires a huge amount of memory, cgit uses on-disk cache, which is a bit slower, but less expensive.

  3. cgit sucks for writing a webapp ebuild, namely due to the fact that locations get hardcoded on compile time, meaning you’d have to recompile it for every single vhost you’d like to use this for. Baaaad.

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