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Warning! Current FFmpeg Subversion will likely break all your builds!

Don’t worry even if I didn’t blog for a few days 😉 I’m currently mostly swamped in work for my job, I’m using CodeGear’s C++ Builder now, rather than C#, but it still makes me wish I remained working on Linux! On the other hand, I’ve added FIMP to my sidebar as option, it’s another foundation for Pancreas diseases, but this time it’s an Italian one – and it involves one of the doctors who took care of me (even if indirectly) during my hospitalisation – and for those working in Italy, it’s also possible to donate IRPEF’s 5‰, so that would also be transparent

This post is just a warning to all the people using FFmpeg in their projects. The current Subversion copy of FFmpeg finally installs headers in subdirectories, so for instance rather than having avutil.h you have libavutil/avutil.h. This is very useful to avoid ambiguity with libavutil/crc32.h, but it requires all the software to be updated, as it’s not transparent.

I’m having some hard time trying to get it to work properly with xine-lib so that both 1.1 and 1.2 work with both old and new FFmpeg installs.

This also works as a warning for Luca, so that he will remember not to unleash a snapshot taken from these versions of FFmpeg on the tree without a full tree rebuild 😉

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  1. Luca was against this change… Still, it should clarify a bit headers usage even if is ugly.

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