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A trick for Emacs 23 users: avoid app-emacs/nxml-mode

In recent versions of emacs-cvs (version 23), nxml-mode is already present. Right now, though, there are at least two packages (one in the tree, one in my overlay) that depends on it: app-emacs/nxml-gentoo-schemas and app-emacs/nxhtml-mode.

After tonight’s version, thanks to Ulrich, it’s now possible to have nxml-gentoo-schemas working with Emacs 23’s nxml-mode, rather than needing app-emacs/nxml-mode.

-Now of course the dependency can’t be get rid of easily, as you might have Emacs 22 installed too. In the mean time, though, you can add this:


to your /etc/portage/profile/package.provided, so that portage will not require you to have it installed.- Then just proceed to remove nxml-mode, and enjoy 😉

Update: thanks to Ulrich again, now the package.provided trick is not needed anymore. So the only needed thing is to remove nxml-mode if you don’t use emacs 22 🙂

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