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About my previous post

Before you think my blog got cracked, or I am raving mad, my last post was related to a game of Taboo played with a friend of mine (MKI).

The word he had to guess was “Password” (the word was in English; most of the English word we got, it was quite funny when he got to make me guess “Bug” as we’re both computer scientists), so my hint was “To access private data; your user has one”. He was NOT able to guess it -_-; As I said, he is a computer scientist!

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  1. Yes, that MKI… it was not so simple, it was nearly time out and flameeyes rushed me so I surrendered because of the time was out.

  2. Almost everybody in the room got it! >_<Don’t even get me started with “you put it in the milk” eh!

  3. @FlameeyesYes, everybody were back the card looking the solution!!However I sayd “dog” while you said the phrase, not after! (Because once I won saying the word before the definition! 🙂

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