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The mess I found with PAM

So I started working, as I anticipated before, toward centralising a bit of PAM configuration for Gentoo in a pambase package. It’s still in flux a bit, but the base should be here already.

The 20080219.1 ebuild now install system-local-login and system-remote-login. ConsoleKit and similar should go to system-local-login, while system-remote-login is reserved to ssh and similar software.

I opened a tracker bug for the new pambase system, I’ve started the cleanup process for pam_passwdqc (which will be available as alternative to cracklib in the pambase ebuild soon, so that it also allows a FreeBSD-like default – FreeBSD uses pam_passwdqc by default), and I started converting ebuilds.

The new setup is quite flexible, I think, but it’s not really complete yet. Unfortunately I’m dedicating just part of my daily time on this, as I’m also working on C# (and swearing against Microsoft for their broken documentation about clipboard usage!). I’m still uncertain on a couple of points, but it should come out nicely in the end.

I’m also wondering if I should move ftpd support from ftpbase into pambase, it makes sense to me as that way it is handled properly by all current and future PAM implementations supported by Gentoo. ftpbase is currently maintainer-needed, so it makes even more sense to bring at least part of it under a team, even if understaffed as PAM team is.

I’ll also have to talk with the net-mail team about mailbase for similar reasons.

Unfortunately, doing this is also showing off big problems on how PAM was handled up to now. There are packages with a pam USE flag, but not installing any pam.d configuration file, there are packages that install upstream-provided files that are not valid in Gentoo, there are packages still providing configuration files referring to pam_stack (in comments). I’m starting to wonder if I should ask the Portage (and QA) team to add an extra QA check for PAM configuration files after build, so that I can find more easily packages breaking the rules.

I admit it’s not easy on the maintainers’ part as I haven’t finished writing the PAM documentation. I hope to be free from work in the next weeks, but I start to wonder if I’ll ever be. And I also hate working on PAM as always, but somebody has to do that, no?

Anyway, two packages are plainly broken and not looking up to be fixed: net-misc/ssh (which should be punted from the tree ASAP, thanks Gustavo!) and net-misc/lsh (another SSH implementation, it has completely broken PAM – it checks against other, which is set to deny any user – and no maintainer; if you want to save it, step up, and I might actually fix the PAM part).

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