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All your pambase are belong to us

And with this I finally given up on this omnipresent meme. But I couldn’t find a better title to present to the world my new PAM infrastructure package: sys-auth/pambase.

As I suggested yesterday I wanted to improve the way that the basic PAM configuration is handled in Gentoo to make it simpler to add caps support. Last night I decided to start working on it, and it was a quite easy target actually.

The new sys-auth/pambase package installs the basic PAM configuration files for all implementations. This means that the same basic file configuration used by Gentoo Linux is shared with Gentoo FreeBSD, and changing one will also change the other. No more duplication of the files in sys-freebsd/freebsd-pam-modules and sys-libs/pam.

Of course different implementations (Linux-PAM and OpenPAM, FreeBSD modules and NetBSD modules) implement different modules and different parameters. So instead of having the final file in the pambase package, it contains some pre-parsing files, that cpp (yes, the C Pre Processor proper) expands to the final file. Through a few directives, I can then enable or disable feature on a per-implementation basis.

In addition to the system-auth PAM configuration file (that is referred to by almost all other services to provide system-integrated configuration), pambase installs a system-login PAM configuration file. What is the difference? This configuration file should be used for services like login (from shadow), xdm, gdm, kdm, entrance, … I suppose that any of you who ever tried to get stuff like ConsoleKit working would be able to grasp what is so interesting in this.

A single consolekit USE flag on pambase could allow to switch on and off ConsoleKit authentication on all major console logins without user intervention (beside enabling the USE flag and running etc-update).

For now this is a testing framework, as I’m considering if I should have system-login plus system-console-login, so that sshd for instance can use system-login (to enable stuff like motd, userfiles and similar), but still not use ConsoleKit and similar, and it still has to be tested on Gentoo FreeBSD.

I hope to coordinate with GNOME and KDE teams later today to have gdm and kdm to use the new capability, still without any keyword, and be able to put this in production in a few months, also replacing virtual/pam step by step (as it does take care of properly depending on the right PAM implementation with its eventual modules).

One nice thing is that it will probably have a huge lot of USE flags, as it would then allow to just specify a flag (say, caps) to enable the correspondent PAM module into the main system configuration, depending on the right ebuild. While most complex configurations wouldn’t work well that way, basic stuff is likely going to make it easier to manage system login for users.

Anyway, as you’ll guess this will be my project in the next few weeks (I’ll also return on linking problems, but it’s better for my sanity if I change topic from time to time for a while).

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