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Proud to be European

And no, it’s not a matter of not liking Americans, it’s just a matter of being more proud being an European than being an Italian 😉

A couple of discussions in a few different channels, involving quite some different people, in the last few days, ended up with me deciding to actually register a domain for myself (which also wouldn’t be tied to dyndns), and of course such a domain had to be a .eu domain 🙂

The reason why it had to be a .eu is actually pretty simple: .com is in one of the common domain traps, it seems, .net had nothing to do with me, .org was already misused by the previous domain (, .it is a pain in the ass to register…

I actually like it this way, I wrote before that I like living in the European Union, as I can shop in Germany to get around stupid Italian prices. So I decided to change (maybe temporarily, not decided yet) the logo on the homepage with a slightly different version, thanks Angela for preparing it for me 🙂

The old URLs will be redirected to the new one, but you might want to update your bookmarks and feeds nevertheless: the URL is now (Update 2021-11-19: well, things changed) enjoy! 🙂

(It’s also shorter to write, 17 versus 32 characters, no dashes, no fourth-level domain, which makes it quite easier to remember).

goes away whistling the Ode to Joy

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