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I’m happy with my LED lightbulbs

Yesterday I received the new LED lights I ordered last week. They are quite nice, very little power consumption, and they do quite a nice light. The 2W spotlight version I have in my bedroom now make as much light as a 25W incandescent lightbulb.

It sure isn’t the flood of light I had before, with just two fluorescent lights, but I didn’t want so much light in my bedroom anyway, it distracted me wile reading, and caused me not to sleep when I wanted to read something. The new lights give me a cone of light just on my bed, and keep the corners of the room in half-shade, which is a very nice visual effect, I have to say. There is enough room to cleanup and to choose my clothes day after day.

I’ve traded 2x8W fluorescent lights with 3x2W, so it’s a decent improvement in consumption too.

I also bought another one, spherical, true white rather than warm (amber) white as the ones of the bedroom, to put in the lamp on my office room. I used a bigger 20W fluorescent light before, it flooded the whole room with light. Now it only lits the area of the desk where I work, exactly like I wanted. The bulb there is less than 2W, which is quite a nice saving too.

I’ll be looking for some different kind of bulbs for the stairs though, as the opaque types I found on the eBay store where I bought these didn’t seem powerful enough to light my stairs properly.

But, for all the people skilled with electronic out there, I’d like to know something. Somehow the lights I have in my room lit up even when I turn them off. It’s not entirely bad for me as I actually sleep better with a minimum of light around, rather than in pitch dark. But I’m a bit concerned. I thought it was a condensator before, but it doesn’t uncharge even after a whole night, so I’m more thinking along the lines of a possible electric problem, like a wrong return line, or some problem with the grounding, but I admit i have o idea how to proceed. If I unscrew the light, it shuts down.

Also, the fluorescent lights I removed started being employed already: one replaced one of the stairs’ bulb, that was the last one in the house, now I can say that the whole house is powered by green lights, either fluorescent or LED.

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  1. 1. As you probably already know, green lights are “green” only if properly disposed.2. About the lights that lit up, my first thought is that you are controlling them via solid state relays, which leak current is enough to lit your LEDs, or the electronic that drives the LED pick up some noise. (I’m not “skilled with electronic”, I’ve only some -little- experience).

  2. Yes, I won’t dispose of them just for the sake of it in the trash can 🙂 It doesn’t happen often anyway, that I dispose of some, so for those times I can just get to the recycling facility :)As for the relays.. I’m not really using any, as it is they are controlled by a standard single-switch, that opens the connection of either phase or return (not sure myself). If there is a leak, it might be between phase and ground…

  3. For a single phase system, there no difference between phase and return (you can put a plug in the socket in both ways, and your electrical equipment will work).Of course is better to open the phase, given the fact that the return is supposed to be at zero potential.If your lamp is powered through a socket you could swap phase and return.In Italy, regulation requires the presence of a switch that cuts power in case of leak to ground :)Greeting from Padua.

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