USB chargers and solar backpacks

So today my Nokia E61 battery discharged (after a full charge last night) after a few hours of 3G UMTS connection through bluetooth. I think this means that battery itself is wearing out. I’m considering getting a new one, but an original one really costs too much at the moment (€48!), I’m looking around to see if I can find alternative versions.

Also, I’m thinking to get an USB charger for the E61, possibly a cradle charger. USB would mean I don’t have to hook up a 220->12V converter, which would waste energy unless I unplug it every time; the 220V conversion is already taken care of by Enterprise’s PSU. The reason why I’d like a USB cradle charger is that it’s nicer to have on the desk.

I’m also pondering about replacing the wireless mouse. The one I have now isn’t entirely bad, it’s the one in the LX700 Cordless Desktop by Logitech, but it’s ruining itself, and it’s carged through a 220V converter rather than via USB, I have no clue on why that was designed this way. If anybody can suggest me a Logitech wireless optical mouse with a USB charger cradle, I’ll be considering it seriously.

On a different level, I wonder if anybody reading my blog ever bought a solar backpack like the ones from Voltaic Systems. I’m tempted by this one before summer. I’ll have to see if they support the MacBook Pro charger, but if they do, well, maybe I can use it to power my laptop in the garden, so that I can stay for as long as I want outside rather than inside.

And yes, I do feel green today.