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Another power outage

It seems to be a common factor every month, the power company disconnects us for a few hours (between 3 and 6, every time longer than my two UPSes can sustain) and I’m forced to use the UMTS phone to connect.

Today I was also going to wrk all day long if it wasn’t for this not-so-small problem.

Anyway, I put a few more photos on the Sony Reader photoset. At the end I bought the Postfix book from O’Reilly, as I had to fix a thing in xine-project’s bugzilla already — and now I might be able to learn how postfix works for once, and I used it for the photo. Later I’ll prepare a photo with the Not So Short Guide to LaTeX2e optimised for the Reader as I promised.

Now it would be nice if O’Reilly started providing Reader-sized PDFs in the future 😉

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