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A few little updates

First of all I want to thank all the users who gave me feedback with my last blog post 🙂 Now that is something that really improves the morale of developers!

Now, I’m spending ore time on finishing the text of the course I’m going to teach, afterward I’ll resume on looking for new areas that are not usually covered by software developers.

I also decided that I have to find a more stable job, and hopefully one not hurting my time to work on Free Software. In particular, I’ve contacted the publisher for which I I worked for a few years ago to see if they have any translation I might be able to do; working as a translator for books isn’t that bad, especially since it tends to let me concentrate more on concepts which I might just skim through otherwise, and it pays well.

I’m really waiting for the Sony Reader to arrive, it should arrive soon enough, although the Italian postal service sucks a lot. I’m still collecting PDF files to load once I receive it.

I also found a likely way to get rid of the extra stress that could cause me to burn if not relieved: with a friend of mine we’re going to try organizing a campaign for an RPG. We haven’t decided the details yet, but we’re likely to go through MSN for that. I have prepared a script for Adium (on OSX) for dice rolling, I’ll see to publish that soon enough.

On a more Gentooish note, since last night there’s PulseAudio 0.9.9 in tree. This version is just a security fix over 0.9.8, but the -r1 version in ~arch now has a glib USE flag, enabled by default, that allows you to remove glib support, for instance for embedded systems. At the moment glib is used only by the PulseAudio management software (paman, pavumeter, pavucontrol, paprefs padevchooser); so if you’re not using those, you might disable the glib USE flag mostly safely, for now.

I also did a quick change to PulseAudio today to reduce the RSS, but I haven’t had time to dig deeper, as today was a busy busy day.

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  1. Regular income rocks, I hope you’ll be lucky with the publisher. Or we gotta find someone who pays you to work on Gentoo 😉

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