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Migrating documentation

Today’s plans of working were messed up, as I’m waiting for a friend of mine in about an hour, so I dedicated the first half of the afternoon at fixing up the repositories for ruby-hunspell and rust, as I wrote yesterday.

I also ended up adding a few more projects of mine to Ohloh as it helps me tracking down of stuff I’ve been doing and I left behind.

Then talking with a friend of mine (hi Alberto), I remembered that there were USE flags in xine-lib that are non obvious, and I shold have document them already. I asked drac for permission, and now xine-lib’s metadata.xml has documentation for real, win32codecs, mad, flac, gtk, imagemagick, gnome, mmap and truetype USE flags. It should cover all the non-obvious ones.

Checking xine-ui too, after fixing one of the bugs that were reported to xine’s bug tracker after I closed them on Gentoo’s bugzilla as UPSTREAM, I also found that there was a very old copy of xine-ui still hanging around in portage. Thanks to drac, that’s gone, as well as the ncurses USE flag on xine-ui that was unused anyway (now the code in configure is gone from CVS too). And if you use xine-ui from CVS you’ll now get a datafile for shared-mime-info for tox playlist files, thanks to Peter Fox.

I also took care of updating the xine’s maintainer guide removing some outdated and now pointless information, and providing the tracker as main submission entrypoint, rather than xine-devel. There was a lot of stuff to update, as the guide was not updated for exactly 11 months (last change being 30 January, before I left from Gentoo).

Now I’m mostly tempted to document a few more things on xine-ui’s flags, and add some IUSE defaults to xine-lib so that users gets some sane defaults (like enabling a52, dts and mad decoders, and disabling mmap and truetype).

So basically today is a day of migrating documentation so that it follows the current ebuilds, and adding proper flag documentation to metadata rather than relegating it around the maintainer’s guides, at least user side. Expect more commits from me just to add documentation 🙂

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  1. mad? What for? Afair, thanks to You, mp3 playback in xine doesn’t require libmad.

  2. Basic mp3 playback support is available with FFmpeg, but there are tons of broken mp3s, or mp3 tracks in AVI, that libmad can cope with and FFmpeg can’t. Until those are solved, I still suggest mad to anyone having mp3 trouble

  3. I don’t know if this is possible but I wish that “expanded” USE flags info should be displayed when you type$ equery u package”

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