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Yet again rbot

Yes, I know I’m boring when I start talking for a few days one after the other about a given topic. At the moment I’m boring with rbot, on which I worked a bit today too.

First of all, the news is that no more dependencies are needed or added to the ebuild, good. I also fixed the time plugin so that it’s disabled if timezone USE is not present. This should let the build stay quiet for a while.

Then I cleaned up the bugzilla plugin a bit, re-enabled it in ServoFlame, added the xine bugtracker and… prepared to release it.

I started versioning it on git, and I put a tarball on my site so that it’s more easily found. I also changed the license, it was MIT, but it’s now Affero GPL 3.

Why Affero? Well, plugins for a bot is something you often end up editing to improve; by forcing users to actually make available their changes it should make it more easy to improve the code on the long run. Also, I find it interesting to see if actually it would be used and the license properly applied (note that the easiest way would be to send the patches upstream so I actually make the modified plugin available to anyone).

If there is request, I’ll probably put back the old MIT-licensed version; actually at the moment even ServoFlame is using that, or rather a modified version of that, rather than the AGPL3 version (which is more advanced); this is because of the other thing I’ve done after preparing a tarball of the plugin: I wrote an ebuild for it.

So if you have my overlay, just emerging net-irc/rbot-bugzilla will give you a rbot with my bugzilla plugin enabled, the httpclient package installed (as it’s a dependency), and the default configuration already with the bugzillas ServoFlame access.

For now the ebuild is in my overlay, I’m still debating with myself if I should add it to portage (and then actually use portage to maintain the bugzilla plugin used by ServoFlame, too), or wait.

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