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Call for translators for xine-lib-1.1.9

Next month KDE 4.0 is going to be released; before that can happen, we need to release xine-lib-1.1.9 which contains some fixes that Matthias Kretz (the Phonon maintainer) added to improve the support for the xine engine.

This time, as the release is actually scheduled to happen in a short timeframe, I want to try something different: I’m calling for translators.

xine-lib, like many other projects, uses gettext to make it possible to internationalize the strings with user-directed message and information. At the moment there isn’t a real translation team, different contributors tend to update the messages from time to time, but many languages are quite behind with the current set of strings that xine provides.

I usually take care of Italian translation, so I’ll probably try to update that tomorrow, and anyway before the release is done. If you’re good at translating from English to your native language, please either look at the gettext manual (if you don’t know how gettext works) or just checkout a copy of xine-lib from the repository (you want xine-lib/xine-lib repository), and start translating.

Either send the patches on the xine-devel mailing list (see on SourceForge, or use GMane), or open a bug on the xine tracker with the translation patch as attachment.

The output of “hg export” of a local commit is preferred so that your name and email is properly listed on the log.

Thanks in advance from me and the rest of the xine project team.

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