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A correction about Qt4’s QtRuby

Seems like what I wrote about Qt4 QtRuby and Qt3 QtRuby was incorrect, or at least outdated, as the current version of Qt4 QtRuby does install a differently named shared object (, which makes them compatible to install side by side.

Last time I tried it didn’t even use CMake as far as I remember.

Thanks Caleb for correcting me 🙂

Now the problem is that Qt4 QtRuby fails multilib-strict 😉 But that’s Gentoo-specific, probably.

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  1. See, you do have adoring fans!Anyway, I highly recommend using Qt4’s qtruby if you’re starting a new project. The API is nicer, in my opinion, and there are a lot of backend things in that version that are more efficient.

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