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Some more changes on rbot

As you may or might not know, I maintain the net-irc/rbot package in Gentoo. In particular, I’ve been focusing on the 9999 live SVN ebuild, as upstream still hasn’t released some new versions since 0.9.10 which is quite old.

I’ve also been using the 9999 ebuild on the production server, and that’s where ServoFlame stays up from, so it’s usually quite tested.

Today I added two new USE flag in a new revision of the ebuild: translator and shorturl. These are present so that the dependency on dev-ruby/mechanize and dev-ruby/shorturl that the two plugins need.

What I’m looking forward to in rbot is to allow users to choose which plugins, needing an external package, should be installed, and which not, just by setting the proper USE flags.

This should make rbot administration even simpler for Gentoo users, isn’t that great? Well that and the fact that you need not to check which gems need to be installed, as Portage will take care of everything for you.

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